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Professional images to compliment any home or commercial property. 


Images to promote your business and market your products in the best way possible. 


Remember that event like never before. Capture the moments you don't want to miss. 


Family is forever. So are photos. Preserve those precious moments before they are gone. 


What a festival it was! We had so many enthusiastic students and so many creative, knowledgable and extremely entertaining teachers!

But don't fret if you couldn't make it to every class or study every single quilt being exhibited, because I did!

In this years DVD you will find photos of just about everything; 


Booths / Vendor Mall

AMQA Show & Winners

Close-up detail photos

Minda Challenge Quilts

Cocktail Night

and yes....

The Claudia Pfeil Special Exhibit is also included!!


Postage within Australia is included in all prices; NZ is $2 extra, US is $5 extra.





If you're a newbie to AMQF then the best package you can buy is the DVD Bundle

which includes all four years for only $50. 

Bundle Label



Or, if you're a regular then be sure to grab this years

edition at the bargain price of $25




And if you need even more inspiration then you can learn the

basics of quilt photography with my "Quilt Photography for Beginners" book at only $30


Book Sign

 - $30




Thanks for joining me!

My name is Emma and I'm a Photographer and Graphic Designer based in Modbury Heights, South Australia.

After spending a couple of years investing time, money and a lot of energy into my Real Estate Photography skills, this is where my passion lies. I believe that every property, no matter how old or dated has the potential to show beauty and value even in the darkest corner.

My knowledge and love of photography also expands into many different areas such as:

Corporate, Events, Family & Couples, Weddings, Newborns and anything else you can dream of!

My design flair can also bring new light to your business in the form of a Logo, Business Cards, Flyers, Brochures, Packaging and more.

My designs also extend into various forms of invitations, where I do also have the resources to print/create on most occasions. 

I offer competitive prices and a quick turn-around for any job that I do.

After all, if the customer is happy then I'm happy.